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I’m Woman is a different kind of life story. Raw and unflinching, I’m Woman is naked reality torn from the womb – a stark and brutal truth in the body of a woman with a world to confront.

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AR65 is a new band which generates new music styles by combining Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop. 
Their privilege is experience and years and music. With their promising productivity, first album is due to be released in September 2019



Love Is Taboo leads with his uniquely expressive, breathy and raspy yet smooth vocal, which guides you through these poetic observations and intimate reflections in a likable and authentic manner. Furthermore, from a songwriting perspective, the compelling, descending, long-form melody of the verse paves the way with perfect anticipation towards the ultimate and mighty resolve of the hook.



Iurie Sula was born in Republic Of Moldova in late 90's. Started to play violin at his 5 years as per father's recommendation. 
In 2017 Iurie has moved to United Kingdom, where he has finished college and won the award "Best Violin Player in Southern England" 
Since 2018 Iurie's goal is to help as many talents as possible to reach their goals in musical career, by promoting them and composing music for them. 
2019 is a promising year,  at then end of 2018 Iurie was the composer for the Theatre Show named "I'm Woman" directed  by Dumitru Acrish.
As well, Iurie begun to manage the band " AR65" which are releasing their first album in September 2019. 

Favourite Quote:
"Don't be afraid of being wrong or doing mistakes, each fail is a little step to the success"


What People Say

There's a tenderness here to the emotion that is excellent...”

Various Small Flames

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Touching piano sound, we like the atmosphere”


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I can hear you have a great sense of making suspenseful music and I think you will have a good album when you finish it. Wish you all the luck with your musical career”

Ambient Soundscapes

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We really liked the sound design, the idea was interesting...”

Eternity Network

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This piece is beautiful...”

LA On Lock

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A promissing start for a first release...”

Ambient Soundscapes

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I feel a lot of emotion emanates from the composition ...”


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you are skillful lurie...”

Keep Walking Music

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Loved the piano tone...”

Rural Sounds

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Gorgeous piano melodies in this, really love the piano beautiful in melody terms”

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